I Just Don’t Get…


Hot Hipster.

Hipsters are intriguing as a cultural study, but another sect of culture that I don’t fully comprehend. Hipsters are usually on the wealthier side of the spectrum, but they usually dress like they’re poor. Hipsters love fake horn-rimmed glasses, hats, scarves, tiny tight sweaters, layers of poor people clothing, scruff, giant bags, flannel, deep v-necks, and general homelessness-type attire that costs more than my rent. They usually segregate themselves to a certain part of town that is more “artsy” by their standards and can be conquered by their single-speed bikes (Silverlake, Los Feliz, Williamsburg, Greenwich, Wicker Park, The Design District, the entitre Northwest), filled with coffee shops and, of course, Parliament cigarettes and PBR. In my personal theory, that is mostly what they consume aside from some vegan options, thus keeping their skinny and non-muscular figures in tact. Unfortunately, they listen to most of the same music as I do, but this just means they have pretty excellent music taste. I tend to bump into these types at concerts. They flock to vintage stores, tight jeans (women’s jeans, tapered jeans, and skinnies especially), dark hair, side-swept bangs, and serious faces. Walk into American Apparel to find your inner hipster today. The tighter the better, and you might as well pick up smoking and a mustache while you’re at it.

How did hipster-dom become something so big? Where do they hold summits on what is appropriate hipster gear and hipster food? Can I study hipsterology somewhere???

not a hot hipster. more typical.

Maybe I should just stalk the Design District instead. For more examples of hipsters, refer to the LATFH site here.


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