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Autotune Can Suck It.

Using Kathy Griffin’s favorite phrase, I think autotune, and especially lip synching, can “suck it”. Auto-tune is an audio processor that corrects pitch in performances, but it can also be used to make it higher or lower. It is especially popular in R&B, and T-Pain is a huge fan of it. In case you didn’t notice at the Grammy Awards Sunday, he is a really really big fan… so much so that the Jamie Foxx/T. Pain song, “Blame It” was absolutely not live. Honestly, they weren’t doing a very good job of lip-synching either.

After stunning live performances by Lady Gaga and Elton John, Beyonce, Pink, and Lady Antebellum (though they could’ve used autotune too), I thought this was a serious downgrade. In fact, I wouldn’t be opposed to a rule at the Grammys, which are supposed to be “the” awards show for music, that you have to sing LIVE. It was disappointing to me that they allowed that performance, or lack thereof. They just walked around, lip-syncing horribly after Pink was twirling in the air while singing LIVE. They just Ashlee Simpson-ed themselves. Remember when she messed up on Saturday Night Live and her track was playing in the background? People went nuts, booed her, and made fun of her for years. However, no one seems up in arms about Jamie Foxx’s clearly bogus “performance”, when it actuality it is the same thing, except an even bigger music showcase this time.

I can understand the need for backing tracks and auto-tune on rare occasions: if you’re sick and expected to perform anyway, and well, that’s about it. For me, I think if you’re expected to perform live, then you should. I don’t go to a concert to listen to their album that I can hear on my iPod (cough Britney Spears’ Circus tour). I pay the big money to hear live, real music. If you can’t sing live, then maybe you shouldn’t be a singer.


Yes, There is a McDonald’s on McDonald Street.

I’m still interviewing for jobs. I tried some rice macaroni and cheese for lunch, but I’m not that impressed with it. It doesn’t really compare well to the classic Kraft kind.

We went out yesterday to a dive bar called The Sandbar just down the street from us for penny beers. On Wednesdays, they do penny beers at 10 pm until they run out of the kegs they use for it (no idea how many). Whatever it is, it is a bargain and they also have 1/2 off Hurricanes (categories 1-5 are all drink options, I went for a 3). Can’t help but wonder how Cameron is feeling today after that adventure with his classmate and his girlfriend.

I just returned from Merrick Village where I did not find the Joe’s Jeans “The Legging” I wanted. I got a pair in charcoal two weeks ago, which sent me on a mission for the second pair in a different color. Neiman Marcus also had them, but they were about $20 more expensive there and also not in the color I wanted. If you like style and comfort, I recommend trying on “The Legging”. They go with everything and flatter most body types. Just be careful, they’re tight and you have to watch what you wear underneath!

I’m previewing the new Lady Antebellum album, which comes out this Tuesday. It is not a sophomore slouch, so I am looking forward to purchasing it next week. Comcast came out again today and found that our connections rusted outdoors. How interesting, seeing as it was recently installed… thanks for not noticing. The menu for the evening is Quinoa rotini with plum tomatoes, feta, olive oil, minced garlic, zucchini, and bell pepper. The TV schedule is such: Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and then Project Runway. It’s been a while since I got to stare at the hot vampires on the show in HD. Since Thursday is most of the TV I watch, I had to select 3 options that Cameron wouldn’t want to watch since he’s going to sleep. We will watch 30 Rock and The Office online and surely there will be 40 Jersey Shore reruns by Sunday.

I need to find a sushi restaurant soon or I am going to have to purchase raw salmon at Publix and make rice and pretend I’m eating sushi back in Hermosa Beach.