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Douchelord of the Day


Lindsay Lohan clearly does not have a drinking/pill problem or anything. In addition, she is my age but looks about 17 or so years older. I hope she enjoys her new role as a porn star since she’s missing her court date to “announce” this miraculous comeback. I don’t think they call it a comeback if you’re playing a porn star whose behavior matches yours. I recall the Parent Trap days, and I have to think whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan? I would love too see her return to normalcy, but for now she’s the Douchelord of the Day for choosing alc over her career. Why doesn’t she hang out with Heidi so those two can be delusional together?

-Whitney Manson


Quick Bites

Lindsay Lohan and sister Aliana go partying with Dina at Chateau Marmont. How did they know? That is exactly how I remember my childhood. My mother and I drinking Redbull Vodkas up into the wee hours of the night at a club checking out the talent… oh yeah right. Who am I kidding? I was just at rehearsals at that hour. This childhood clubbing business is probably why Hollywood children end up strange.

What do you wear most of the time? I have a friend who has an endless closet of dresses because “it’s easier”, friends who love their heels (ick), and then there’s one friend of mine. She dresses like me. That doesn’t mean we are fashionable, but we are the type that prefers flats, jeans, and a cardigan. I blame our lack of experience in the dressing department and told her, “We used to wear uniforms, it’s not our fault.” That said, I think I should make an attempt to vary my wardrobe this year a little more… maybe widen the wardrobe to include colors other than black, green, and purple even! After watching Chelsea Handler on Leno, I am going to steal her shoes and most of her usually wardrobe to spice up mine.

Today I found the inspiration to keep me on a cardio machine for an hour… Law & Order. In order to find out what happens, I have to stay on the cardio machine because it’s the only way I can see the TV in the gym. Good strategy, 24 Hour Fitness.

Tonight’s Thai red tofu curry was pretty good, but not as good as last night’s ground turkey enchiladas. I need to do some altering next time to the recipe I found by adding more curry, cooking the vegetables longer, and adding a few dashes of crushed red pepper. The curry at Thai restaurants usually comes out a bit more spicy, which we like. We ate it over brown rice and watched The Hurt Locker. I recommend seeing it, what a crazy film.