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Calico Dresses

I know when you think calico, you typically think of something like Little House on the Prairie (I am not sure how many of those I read, but I know it was a ton and that I was obsessed with prairie life and bonnets… I did grow out of this phase, I swear).

However, calico prints are popping up everywhere again. There are adorable dresses, shirts, rompers, and skirts all decked out in calico. I want in on this trend, but I have to make it wearable for me. I want something casual, girly, fun, and sassy, so for me a romper or a calico dress are a must-have right now. I love the collection of calico at Zara and Urban Outfitters.

At Urban Outfitters, they have anything from scarves, purses, dresses, to even sunglasses and SHOES in cutesy floral prints. In order to keep the trend okay but not overdone, don’t dress from head to toe in calico. Pick one item you like, and go with it that way. If you love a floral scarf, wear it with something plain like a cream-colored tank and some jeans and cute flats. If you go for something loose-fitting and flowy, keep it short with a waist that comes in at the sides. I especially love the cut of this Ecote Print Braided Dress. I also love their rompers at Urban- the halter romper is a sassy take on calico I haven’t seen anywhere else. It goes in at the waist, isn’t too short, and makes things a little more modern.

Zara also has a great collection of calico- in fact, when I went there was a section dedicated to it. I happen to love how Taylor Swift pulls off this look herself, so I recommend you to use her as your inspiration!

How cute is she?

xoxo Whitney Manson


Wearable Denim

Jeans are always in style of course, and now currently denim material is in too. The thing is, you have to be careful not to get too carried away with it. There is truly a fine line between going the cute route versus the cheesy route, and here is my guide for staying trendy but not drowning yourself in it.

Tacky Denim

Overalls- While you may see them returning to stores at this point in time, please remind yourself why they went out of style. Overalls are not cute, and neither are short overalls (or clogs). I don’t care what you say, even models look bad in this, so the normal person should not wear it either. The reason it left our wardrobes was because it was cheesy, and it should definitely stay that way.  Avoid overalls at all cost!

Jean jackets- These can be cute when they are tailored appropriately and were all over the runway. However, while they paired it together with jeans on the runway, be very careful if you pair them with a pair of matching jeans. The new jacket is more fitted and flattering than before, and I personally think it looks best over dresses. I love this J Brand one here.

Dresses and skirts- I love the new jean dresses and skirts out for sale right now! They are extremely wearable.

Urban Outfitters really seems to have taken the trend to a place where I feel safe and can wear it at the same time. I just purchased the Cooperative Denim Skirt, something I can pair with all my shirts and even wear to work. Urban Outfitters carries a bunch of other options too, with something for everyone. I recommend shopping online today to find something that suits your individual style!