Douchelord of the Day

Ke$ha. Anyone who has a $ sign in their name should automatically fall into douchey crowning glory, but it wasn’t until I was reminded of her “singing” today why she belongs right here. Ke$ha does not sing. She talks to the tune of music, and the reason I really can’t stand her? Her talk-singing music is catchy, gets stuck in my head, and I find myself slightly enjoying the horror and disdain that is her, single-handedly ruining singing as a profession. I don’t understand why she neglects to shower, dresses like a poor hooker, and pretends to be drunk all the time. I truly am appalled and yet amazed at the same time- how did she become famous?

supes classy

Did you know that when you Google search her, “Ke$ha is ugly” is one of the top auto-fill options? I have no idea what’s under that hot mess, but I kind of agree thus far. Ke$ha is desecrating on the sanctity of my ears and eyes, but I am singing her stuff anyway- FAIL. Enjoy being the Douchelord of the Day!

Update: please read Lara’s opinion on hot mess Ke$ha here at


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