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The school I went to for 14 years now has its own TOMS. Yeah, this is not made up and yes, it is unfair that cool things happen whenever I leave (ahem, putting in a 21 Choices AND Lemonade on the USC Campus). Saddle oxfords < HockaTOMS. If you don’t know what TOMS are, they’re sustainable shoes that are typically canvas or made from vegan materials. When you buy them, they donate a pair to a child who needs shoes (this is their One for One movement). Their mission is a great cause, and the shoes are adorable. Buy them.


What They Say is True- America Really Runs On Dunkin’

So I always try not to succumb to a caffeine addiction, but I think I have finally lost my willpower on this subject. I am starting to notice a really, really bad trend in my lifestyle… I cannot think straight without my first cup of coffee! I used to drink whatever people gave me and not really analyze it, but the deeper my addiction becomes, the more I find myself taste testing…

A good coffee is really like a fine wine, except that if I’m drinking it everyday I don’t want to spend $5 on it. So basically I want the best bang (of caffeine) for my buck!

I have been testing out some new brands lately, and here are my opinions on the my favorite kinds!

  • Illy– I adore this brand so much. It is very delicious, and they have it in my office, so I drink it all the time. This is probably the only coffee that I don’t force sugar in to be quite honest.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts- The commercials do not lie. I have become the mayor of my local Dunkin’ Donuts on Foursquare and had no idea what I was missing out on in Los Angeles! I stop here at least once a week, and they let me bring my own mug and listen to my every “Splenda” and “some skim milk, please” and have never messed it up! Their coffee tastes amazing and is totally affordable. I stop in for my bagel, light cream cheese, and coffee with Splenda and Skim and it runs at merely $3.31. Take that, Starbucks!
  • The Fresh Market- I fell in love with their coffee the second I taste tested their “Peppermint Crème” flavor inside the store. The grocery store makes their own coffee, and they vary it up with each season. The seasonal flavors along with the hazelnut are among their most popular, and it’s only about $7.99 a pound or so.

Test out my favorite coffees and let me know what you think below!