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I Just Don’t Get…


Hot Hipster.

Hipsters are intriguing as a cultural study, but another sect of culture that I don’t fully comprehend. Hipsters are usually on the wealthier side of the spectrum, but they usually dress like they’re poor. Hipsters love fake horn-rimmed glasses, hats, scarves, tiny tight sweaters, layers of poor people clothing, scruff, giant bags, flannel, deep v-necks, and general homelessness-type attire that costs more than my rent. They usually segregate themselves to a certain part of town that is more “artsy” by their standards and can be conquered by their single-speed bikes (Silverlake, Los Feliz, Williamsburg, Greenwich, Wicker Park, The Design District, the entitre Northwest), filled with coffee shops and, of course, Parliament cigarettes and PBR. In my personal theory, that is mostly what they consume aside from some vegan options, thus keeping their skinny and non-muscular figures in tact. Unfortunately, they listen to most of the same music as I do, but this just means they have pretty excellent music taste. I tend to bump into these types at concerts. They flock to vintage stores, tight jeans (women’s jeans, tapered jeans, and skinnies especially), dark hair, side-swept bangs, and serious faces. Walk into American Apparel to find your inner hipster today. The tighter the better, and you might as well pick up smoking and a mustache while you’re at it.

How did hipster-dom become something so big? Where do they hold summits on what is appropriate hipster gear and hipster food? Can I study hipsterology somewhere???

not a hot hipster. more typical.

Maybe I should just stalk the Design District instead. For more examples of hipsters, refer to the LATFH site here.


Greens To Go

I am OBSESSED with my mint nail polish. I bought it about two months ago and have been wearing it since then. You can find Revlon’s Minted color at places like CVS or Walgreens, and it’s merely $5. I get compliments every time I wear it, and the color is a must-have once you start to tan. I have even inspired some people to purchase this already.

As you can see above, the nailpolish is mellow enough to be understated, yet bold enough to still stand out as different.

Mint is the must-have for nails this season, and so are other shades of greeny blues. I think the reason I love the Revlon one is because it’s kind of creamy. You have to do two to three coats, but it dries fairly quickly and I find the brush very easy to use.

A lot of brands are offering up this hot color and other kinds of greens, so if you can’t find it at your drugstore, here are some other similarly cute and trendy nailpolish colors for you:

Buy the best green tone for your skin and wear it all summer long.

Find Your Next Sundress

I learned today that dark jeans in summer are never a good choice. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this, but as I sat in my car driving home hot and sad, it hit me. If I buy more dresses, the less I will have to suffer through this new climate to which I am unaccustomed! So here is my new routine: sundresses and sandals. Bright colors, blacks, floral prints, and yellows are must-haves this season. Here are some I’ve found at Nordstrom’s BP department. I don’t always look hard in there, but this time I found a ton of stuff there, especially in the Mimi Chica dresses.

The Mimi Chica Ruffle Dress comes in just about every color you could ever imagine and also floral patterns. The best thing about this dress is that it can be dressed up or down. The funniest part about this is that I bought a black one and a blue one, and when my lifelong friend Katie came to visit, she picked me up wearing the floral version! She also has the black one. It is the type of dress that looks good on all kinds of bodies. Its neckline is a slight V-shape with loose ruffles, the straps adjust, there’s pockets, the skirt is loose and flowy, and the waist is fitted with elastic so it doesn’t look like a potato sack. Katie has this one:

Adorbs and perfect to beat the heat, right?

Another Mimi Chica dress I like has a square neckline. The ruffles are bigger but not overdone and there is still elastic at the waist: Another great summer find!

Shop these styles and more at Nordstrom for the sundress that suits you best.

Beat the Heat- Summer Updos

If it is half as hot where you live as it is where I am, then these hairstyles are just what you need. Beat the heat by wearing your hair in other flattering ways- no hairdryer required!

  1. Loose Ponytail- Nothing says summer more than a ponytail. Make this work for you at any point in your week- nightlife, work, etc. Spray your hair with texturizing spray before pulling it back at ear-level. Tease a little of the top back part of your hair and free the front strands that frame your face.
  2. Bun- Wearing your hair up will you help you beat the heat and frizz. Pull your hair into a high ponytail first. Then twist your hair tightly and wrap it around into a bun. Pin as you go along, but don’t keep it too neat so it looks casual and not like you’re ready to make your ballet debut.
  3. Side braid- Pull your hair to one side and braid loosely. Secure with a hair elastic.
  4. Braided Ponytail- This classic twist on a ponytail will keep your hair out of your face no matter the climate or where you go (beach, pool, etc.) Part your hair on a side and french braid the front part of the larger side starting at the part and ending by the ear. Place pins in the braid to hold it. Brush the rest of your hair up into a ponytail then add in the braid. Voila, something that will endure your pool day!

Douchelord of the Day

I guess in England there’s no room for plus-size models on Top Model or in life according to one of its judges, Julien Macdonald. His exact quote was:

“This is a serious show. You can’t have a plus-size girl winning — it makes it a joke. It’s not fair on them — you’re setting them up for a fall. I know what would happen to them. They are looked down on.”

Well, you know what Mr. Macdonald? No one likes your pink undershirt or receding hairline either. Plus-sized models are real people too, and they exist unlike unicorns. How would you know what would happen to them? You only hire the thinnest of thin models for yourself and thus the serious issue you’re neglecting is health. The average size is not a size 00 so just be quiet and keep your cruel thoughts to yourself!

My Weiss Watch!

Weiss Watch Company made me a fancy custom watch for my birthday!!! Weiss Watch Company is run by C. Weiss, the designer and creator of fine watches for Weiss Watch Company. They can be custom ordered through his website, and he makes them by hand. They are guaranteed to be accurate, classic, and unique. His watches are geared towards active people like divers and pilots and all bear the logo that I designed. Visit his site here to learn more!

Oh, and he’s my boyfriend who makes and gives impressive birthday gifts! How will I ever one-up this green beauty?

Calico Dresses

I know when you think calico, you typically think of something like Little House on the Prairie (I am not sure how many of those I read, but I know it was a ton and that I was obsessed with prairie life and bonnets… I did grow out of this phase, I swear).

However, calico prints are popping up everywhere again. There are adorable dresses, shirts, rompers, and skirts all decked out in calico. I want in on this trend, but I have to make it wearable for me. I want something casual, girly, fun, and sassy, so for me a romper or a calico dress are a must-have right now. I love the collection of calico at Zara and Urban Outfitters.

At Urban Outfitters, they have anything from scarves, purses, dresses, to even sunglasses and SHOES in cutesy floral prints. In order to keep the trend okay but not overdone, don’t dress from head to toe in calico. Pick one item you like, and go with it that way. If you love a floral scarf, wear it with something plain like a cream-colored tank and some jeans and cute flats. If you go for something loose-fitting and flowy, keep it short with a waist that comes in at the sides. I especially love the cut of this Ecote Print Braided Dress. I also love their rompers at Urban- the halter romper is a sassy take on calico I haven’t seen anywhere else. It goes in at the waist, isn’t too short, and makes things a little more modern.

Zara also has a great collection of calico- in fact, when I went there was a section dedicated to it. I happen to love how Taylor Swift pulls off this look herself, so I recommend you to use her as your inspiration!

How cute is she?

xoxo Whitney Manson

Weekly Sauce Update

Please note some of these are repeats of what I post on here, and they just link out to the blog where I am a contributor.

-Whitney Manson

Foraying into New Jean Territory

I have been wearing Joe’s Jeans “The Cigarette” for as long as I can remember. I love them, I swear by them, I pimp them out to my friends as a quality recommendation, and I get a lot of compliments on my fantastic jeans. I typically frequent Loehmann’s or Nordstrom Rack for these gems rather than shoveling out $180 on the spot, and I’m telling you, I live in them. I swore I was going to be a Joe’s fan forever… until I hit Nordstrom Rack this weekend.

Then I discovered the greatness that is William Rast… I tried on a pair of their “Jerri” ultra skinny jeans in a medium-colored wash, and I was stunned. They fit like a glove, flattered my rear end, and- whoa- fit me better than my Joe’s. I found a pair for $80 (YAY), and I have been living in them ever since. So I’m not sure if I’m cheating on my Joe’s yet or really a William Rast convert. Only time will tell, I mean after I purchase another pair of course. Try both and let me know what you think. Which skinnies do you prefer?

-Whitney Manson

White Jeans Are All the Rage

Hello summer, hello hot white pants!! The stores are flooding quickly with white jeans in time for summer- whether it be in shorts, pants, skinnies, or capris. Find the kind that’s best for you, and determine what to wear with it below!

If you want a white pair of jeans with lots of stretch, look no further than Joe’s jeggings, destroyed to a classic fit, buy them here. Wear them casually with some wedges. For a regular pair of white jeans, go for the Rock & Republic Stella Straight Leg in Bombshell Fling. They’re sold out at the Rock & Republic site, but they sell them here at Tobi. These will flatter most body types and look universally amazing.

These great cuffed capris would look great with a brown pair of flats or heels and bright top. William Rast sells the Belle here. The low-rise fit makes it a perfect match for any shirt you want to wear with it. Additionally, these are great for all sorts of occasions- you can dress them up or down for anything from barbecues to beach parties to even casual Friday at the office. By changing up your tops and shoes, you can change them per occasion in no time.

Lastly, I live in my Joe’s cuffed denim shorts… and so I can only imagine how much better life would be with these beauties here. You can’t go wrong looking ready for summer in a pair of these! I would pair them with a loose tank personally and probably a pair of cute flats. And now I must return to shopping… uhoh.

-Whitney Manson

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