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Turkey Enchiladas

I was born in Texas and raised on the delicious cuisine called Tex-Mex. I live for a basket of salted tortilla chips and a homemade salsa with a surprise of spice. I crave cheese-laden enchiladas. I need refried beans twice a month. Did you know the first margarita machine was made in Dallas and now resides in none other than the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History? Miami isn’t quite as flush with Mexcian food as Los Angeles and Dallas, so I usually make what I’m craving instead.

I purchased one pound of the Jennie-O Turkey extra lean ground turkey breast, one medium onion, one large can of Old El Paso red enchilada sauce, 8 whole wheat tortillas, 8 oz of 2% Mexican cheese, garlic salt, and olive oil.

Dice the onion first. In a large frying pan, pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil in and heat. Then add the onion and sauté until onions are clear. Brown the meat with the onions until there is no pink left. Add ¼ of garlic salt and set aside.

In a medium-sized frying pan, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil to fry the tortillas. Fry each tortilla on each side until there are bubbles and a little brown color. Turn the oven on to 350°. Spoon meat and some cheese into each tortilla, roll up, and place in a 9×13 inch baking dish. Cover with sauce, place the remaining meat and cheese on top and bake for 20-30 minutes or until cheese is bubbling. Serve with hot sauce, guacamole, and sour cream if desired. Enjoy these healthier enchiladas than you would eat in a restaurant!


Jumbo Chocolate Chips and Missing Keys

I start my job on Monday finally (guess they don’t observe President’s Day there), and I am definitely looking forward to it. Jules is sleeping in every corner over of the house, so I think it is safe to say she is happy and settled in now. Wednesday Cameron’s friend came over and brought Zombieland on Blu-Ray to watch. I made guacamole, turkey enchiladas, and Valentine’s day cookies. I would’ve made cookies from scratch, but without a mixer it’s basically impossible, so I got slice and bake and pressed in Valentine’s day M&Ms. I sent a bunch with Cameron to school, and I am sure all those boys enjoyed a little Valentine’s day treat. I have leftover M&Ms tempting me in the kitchen though, which isn’t safe.

Last night I tackled spaghetti and turkey meatballs, which were really simple actually and successful. The leftovers will be a great homemade pizza topping sometime in the next few days because we love garlic and meatball pizza. I conquered a cheesecake creation of the raspberry chocolate chip variety (sort of like this), and I made it low-fat and used Stevia instead of sugar. It is setting in the fridge for the day, and I hope Cameron likes it. I made only one mistake, which was misreading a label and buying JUMBO chocolate chips. Hopefully it still works out all right there, oops!

After I baked the cheesecake, I wanted to run to CVS but instead locked myself out… mistake number 2 of the day. I had to drive to Cameron’s school to pick up his key and got introduced to the rest of his class and see his classroom in my errand-running clothes, which was a tad bit embarrassing. I survived, got my tissues at CVS, and caught up on my Thursday TV shows.

Meanwhile, back in Dallas things are kind of crazy! They received about a foot of snow yesterday, they canceled flights and school, people got sent home from work early, and my uncle and cousin got stuck in Atlanta on their trip to visit my parents. They don’t even get to go for their vacation because they can’t get there until Sunday! I am sad I missed the big snowfall; I think it would be kind of fun to play in, but my mom and Katie sent me plenty of photos so I don’t feel too left out. It should probably be noted that my brother locked himself out of his truck too… weird, right?