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Douchelord of the Day

Douchelord of the DayI think it was pretty obvious a long time ago, but this man, Spencer Pratt, has seriously lost his mind- even his “friends” (they get paid to be his friends) agree at this point. What’s with the healing crystals, rage, female hatred, and fake neighbor child’s birthday party? No one in their right mind would let their child hang out with Speidi unless they got copious amounts of money. Where are your drugs from and why are they making Heidi’s voice go higher?

Mr. Pratt, I give you the award for most embarrassing alum from my school ever. I am ashamed we went the same school, and I even prefer that criminal Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild to you!


Vote on The Lesser of Two Evil TV Choices

Please, make decisions for me. I can’t go through this week watching 2 Housewives shows AND The Hills. My boyfriend will kill me.

On the preview for The Hills, Spencer has a meltdown about his sister and his in-law and his “spiritual” crystals (and, I assume, his disgusting blonde facial hair). Brody, hot as ever, makes some very stupid joke about Audrina and Ryan Cabrera sharing clothes. Ryan is a Dallasite, and thus, I am offended.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are pretty amazing, and the last episode involved table flipping, the term “prostitution whore”, and THE book. I saw the previews, and I don’t think the drama will decrease at all this season. Villainess Danielle is seen discussing things with a priest, there are cop cars, and Teresa toasts, “To the end of Danielle, I hope she goes back to where she belongs, to Hell.” Hmmm what to watch…