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Pregnant Teens are Invading My TV

Pregnant teens are seriously invading my TV. And apparently, most everything goes your way when you’re a child and pregnant in glamorized TV. In Juno, she has a rough time, but in the end she gives up the baby, suffers no consequences, and gets the boyfriend she wants. You don’t see the after- the consequences of dealing with the choice after birth. The Secret Life of an American Teenager and Glee don’t really seem to place as huge of a weight on the realities of coping with teen pregnancy as they should either. They brush on the subjects and gravity of it, but they do not show the entire reality of it all.

Welcome 16 and Pregnant. 16 and Pregnant does not involve script writing, slim actresses, and mature boys. In fact, they often don’t get the baby and the boy. Each episode features one girl through the end of her pregnancy, the birth, and the first few months afterwards. Definitely put your teenager in front of this television show instead. The girls come from various backgrounds and deal with the consequences of their actions. They can’t keep up with their classes, they are dealing with their baby, and typically another baby… the father of their child. Most of the time, the girls grow up quickly to deal with their choice. They understand that being a mom young is not necessarily what they wanted with their life, but it is what it is, and they better step up. The dads do not have the same reaction in almost all the episodes, which is heartbreaking. They want to go out partying, be young, and feel no attachment to the child. They treat the girls like dirt and take no responsibility for their actions. The gritty reality makes for unbelievable TV (it is the #1 show on cable at 10 pm on Tuesdays!), and brings a harsh, true light to teen pregnancy. None of it is glamorous, barely any of it is fun, the girls’ future dreams are shattered, and often the girls are left practically alone throughout it all. Heck, this show even makes me realize how much different my life would be if I had a kid at a much older age. So, if you are sick of watching unrealistic teen pregnancies, watch something real.