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30 days until Glee returns! I keep reading more and more about who is going to guest star on the show, and I am beyond excited to see Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenowith (again), Molly Shannon, and NPH, etc. I just read that there will be a Lady Gaga song (and that Coldplay denied the request for them to use a song, wth) and that Kurt is going to get a boyfriend!! I cannot wait for it to come back!

I took Jules to work Friday, and she was a total hit. Everyone wanted to see her, and she actually behaved herself for the most part. This weekend was a heck of a lot of fun. We ate at a Greek restaurant, Maria’s, on Friday night. They delivered the food to our table in five minutes, and we devoured it in ten. We got the mousaka and gyro platter, and both were fantastic. They served the dishes with a Greek salad, fries, pita bread, green beans, and rice. We came home and tried to watch Couples Retreat, but I fell asleep. Oops.

Saturday we woke up to some incredible weather. We strolled to the gym, exercised, headed back home, and showered. We did a little bit of cleaning, and then I grabbed mimosa supplies. Our friends Jenn and Will came over for brunch at The Ivy. They have two adorable black Chihuahuas named Andy and Luke, and they brought them to hang out with Jules. We took all three dogs with us to eat outside and enjoy eggs Benedict and free Bloody Marys! The waiters were attentive and gave our dogs lots of water.

Sunday was another gorgeous day spent with Will and Jenn, and we went out to South Beach to see them and their condo. Jenn and I took the Chihuahuas to the dog park for a chihuahua meet up. I have never seen so many Chihuahuas in one place at a time. They all played together without any big dogs around, and they had a great time. While we were at the park, the boys played tennis, something Jenn and I have no interest in at all. We came back and drank daiquiries on their balcony staring at the ocean. We got a grand tour of the building/hotel while carrying our drinks around, and they have amazing pools, STK, clubs, and a gym/club. There is a DJ inside the gym! We ordered in Chinese food from Yeung’s and watched Year One and had a wonderful time!

Great weekend, great friends, great weather!


Super Bowl Weekend

My parents flew in on Thursday night with our adorable dog! We saw Molly Simms running through the airport being chased by creepy men who had photos of her they wanted her to sign, very weird. The crowd at the airport was large due to the arrival of Super Bowl attendees. We waited and waited while some alarm continued to go off by us until Jules finally got delivered on the “oversize baggage” area. I think she was pretty excited to see Cameron and me.

We came home to give my parents a tour of our place and feed Jules, then it was off to South Miami for sushi at Sushi Maki. They just added to their menu, and I recommend the Tower appetizer that was a martini glass full of tuna, salmon, avocado, and a hint of citrus and soy sauce and the Whole Foods Roll, which was salmon, tuna, hamachi (yellowtail), a little spicy mayo, and masago- YUM. I will definitely return. We ran into Cameron’s teacher and the principal of his school while there even, they were walking outside. Now they met my parents and me, haha.

Friday we drove up to Hollywood, an area my dad visited a few times as a child for vacation. The weather was less than ideal and poured off and on the entire day. It would go from pouring to sunny to pouring in a matter of minutes! Despite this, we got out to see the beach and endure the wind. We drove down A1A along the water all the way to South Beach, another area my parents wanted to see. They thought about going there Saturday, but I figured with the Superbowl crowd it would grow increasingly worse as the weekend progressed. What I didn’t expect was for the crowds to already be very… lively? It was tough to get there and find parking, and then we wandered Ocean Drive, which they blocked off for the crowds. Tide handed out all kinds of free things like stain release and remover and hung clothes lines everywhere, free Pepsi was everywhere too, and people were handing out flyers and hassling you to attend their 2×1 happy hours (at noon, by the way) and lunch and breakfast specials. They all seemed pretty similar, and it was difficult to find Colts fans among the loud and drunk Saints fans everywhere. Also, all the girls handing out flyers were mostly dressed in tiny white outfits to get you inside, and it rained a lot… bad choice of color. We ate dinner in Aventura mall at the Rosalia Trattoria for some Italian fare and met Dad’s friend who lives in Boca Raton.

Saturday we explored Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, UMiami, and Dadeland with them. We finally got a vacuum, which is more necessary than ever since Jules is back. We got a Eureka one that claims persistence with pet hair, so it better be! It came with an attachment especially for furniture. We ate dinner at Monty’s right on the marina in Coconut Grove. Monty’s is a seafood restaurant with great clam chowder, fried anything, and live music. The place is huge, open, and great for drinks too.

Sunday was brunch at Coral Bagels up the street and off to the airport, where their flight got delayed. They timed it so that they would have plenty of time to get home and watch the Superbowl. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans… the flight was delayed for 2 whole hours, and I told them if the flight was oversold and they offered vouchers to call me and get the heck out of there. They remained and flew home anyway, and our family friend Katie went to set up their Tivo for them so they could rewind and see the entire Superbowl. My poor dad was upset about all of it I’m sure, but I think the win made up for it in the end. We went to a party and of course got stuck in completely stopped traffic… I wanted to cry. There was some big accident on the turnpike, and we did not move for a long time and missed at least 30 minutes of the game. Boooo. We probably missed the same amount as my parents. We went to Meagan’s, the girlfriend of Cameron’s classmate, and their family had a huge food spread for the game! Po boys, nachos, meatball subs, potato skins, cookies, cakes, drinks… WOW. What amazing hosts and what a great time! Most everyone there rooted for the Saints, and I did because of Reggie Bush, Sedrick Ellis, and Billy Miller (USC football alums!). I liked the Budweiser ads, E*Trade ads, the Dexter Dodge ad, and the Google ad. Something that spoke to me was the Harry Potter ad for the new theme park at Universal Orlando… Must go there. Why was there such a large amount of ads with men in their underwear? Unnecessary. I hope all the Super Bowl crowd leaves soon because traffic is a lot worse! Go away!!!!