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Hanson is kind of rad years later, were you aware? Listen to their cover of “Furry Walls” from Get Him to the Greek here! And, in case you are interested in some great/hilarious rock you can get the whole Infant Sorrows CD on iTunes now.


Furry Walls

Everyone knows I love a good comedy, and while nothing has looked that as exciting as Role Models and The Hangover, I changed my mind. Please go out and see Get Him to the Greek. This movie was absolutely hysterical. I laughed so hard that my mother got embarrassed, but it was really that funny. It made about $18 million over the course of the weekend. Russell Brand is riiiidiculous in the film. Though Jonah Hill has clearly been eating all of Michael Cera’s food, he did a great job throwing up on camera and playing the adoring fan with responsibilities. P. Diddy/ Sean Combs/ Puff Daddy was in it, Meredith Viera, and there was even a cameo from Draco Malfoy (accompanied by a great Harry Potter joke). I also learned that if you smoke a Jeffrey, you have to stroke furry walls. Get yourself to a theater to see Get Him to the Greek now.

-Whitney J. Manson