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Douchelord of the Day


Today’s Douchelord of the Day is clearly Rachel Uchitel (emphases on the uch=yuuck). Rachel has ruined 2 marriages so far in the past 6 months, and hopefully she will discontinue her whomewrecking ways sometime… but then again a leopard doesn’t usually change its spots, and she clearly has a thing for married famous men. So married men, beware of this disgusting lady’s advances. She will ask you for hush money and is armed with a permanent lawyer, infamous Gloria Allred. I know you’re supposed to blame the man and all, but this witch is scary looking and clearly into these things for the hush money. Nothing like being blackmailed by a woman who is going to use her money for more plastic surgery!

-Whitney Manson


Tiger’s Goatee

I thought it was just because he’s no longer sponsored by Gillette, but this a good strategy too.