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Jules is 2!

Happy 2nd birthday to the one and only Jules! Jules was born in Anza, CA, in the middle of nowhere two long years ago. She is currently hard at work (see above). She has a very rough life that involves going on rides to work, sleeping, playing at work, sleeping on my feet, swimming in the ocean, and sleeping. I love my little one.


Job News!

I have accepted an offer from KLMA LLC! They do a lot of things. I will start work Monday as their new House Account Advertising Manager. I’m looking forward to working at a job I really wanted. I think Jules might miss me, but there’s a chance she can actually go to work with me. The office is extremely dog-friendly and there were multiple dogs there while I interviewed. If Jules continues to behave, I think I will be able to take her with me!

Cameron and I celebrated with a bottle of Merlot and the end of Weeds season 5. I went to a mall today for further celebration and to enjoy the rest of my free time. I love how much green is starting to pop up in stores. Spring colors are just more peppy and fun! Now there’s a Real Housewives of OC marathon from 2008 on that Jules and I are definitely enjoying… My book club read, Doctor Zhivago, should get here tomorrow so I can read away for the first meeting I’ll attend.

Cold Weather?!

So far, it has been extremely “cold” this week. People keep telling us to stay warm, because it is the coldest it’s ever been here. We are experiencing record lows, but Floridians version of “low” temperatures are completely different from a Texan’s… and especially if you’re from the Northeast! When we were in Dallas it snowed on Christmas Eve, and it is only in the 50’s here– bearable but definitely not beach weather. We are ready for a little heat, but I guess I am thankful we don’t need AC yet!

Speaking of beaches, we visited Miami Beach and South Beach last week, and it was really crowded but I got to put my feet in the water. I don’t know if it will be the beach we go to very much. I’ve heard Key Biscayne is nicer and that there’s a dog beach there. When Jules returns from her visit to doggie training “boot camp” outside of Dallas, we will definitely have to take her there. The report from them is that she is not behaving, but she is learning, “full of energy”, and the owner adores her. It will be nice to have a better behaved dog, and I think she will like our new place.

We haven’t gotten to do a lot of exploring in our new city yet other than that. I am enjoying it here so far though, and I really love that things are coming together finally in our new place. Cameron is loving watch-making school so far. He started on Monday with his 7 classmates, and they are all boys. They have been filing tools and doing things that I don’t understand, but it is great to see him so happy. I am looking forward to this weekend and the Taste of the Grove just down the street!