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Jules’ breeder had a litter recently, and they’re ready to go home June 16th. Here are 2 from the litter below:Don’t you think I need a little black one?

My birthday is exactly a week before that… hmmmmm.

-Whitney Manson



Liberty “Libby” Grace Manson (1993-2010) was a wonderful dog. My dad, who didn’t used to be partial to dogs, said her photo should be next to the word “sweet” in the dictionary. My mom rescued Libby when she was running on the freeway as a puppy. She had mange and was incredibly sick when my mom found her, so she took her straight to the vet. We didn’t get to bring her home for a while but we could visit her, and soon we brought her home as the latest addition to the family… but Dad said we couldn’t keep her. She shed a lot, and we didn’t need a second dog. Well, one day, from my room I heard him talking to her, and that’s when I knew she was going to be a permanent fixture by my side through everything. She was terrified of thunder and would lay literally on top of you during storms. She loved rope toys, swimming, and getting on the couch even though it wasn’t allowed. She was a great companion, and I’ll always remember all the great times we had with her!