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A Lot of Eating.

Look at this! Pretty cool. I think I am helping Joe’s Jeans make money, and since they are my favorite jean brand I’m okay with that.

Anyway, on to grander things.

Another week of work, more U.S.A. hockey to watch, and well, more Whitney-esque disasters, like leaving work after 2 hours due to a stomach flu. Bad timing indeed.

I was sad to see Cameron’s parents go on Wednesday morning. We really enjoyed having them around, and it was nice to have some help with Jules in the morning for both of us! They fed us tons of great food. Le Bouchon Du Grove’s brunch was incredible- there were omelets, fresh French bread, free mimosas (!), unbelievable eggs Benedict, and a nicoise salad to die for! I know I was supposed to eat brunch food, but the salad was calling me instead. I made the right choice. I then tried Cuban food for the first time on Monday! I ate rice, rotisserie chicken, a tamale, and flan. This all came from El Palacio de  Los Jugos, which is a Cuban market. And no, I did not try the pork they brought home. Sunday night we ate at one of my instant favorite places Moon, which is Japanese and Thai food (at a great price). I love their red curry, coconut shrimp, drunken noodles, and sushi. Tuesday we tried Calamari in the Grove, which I read positive reviews about on Yelp and in Zagat. They serve Italian seafood dishes, and we each tried a pasta dish loaded with fresh seafood. Every sauce was slightly different, though mostly there were a lot of incredible variations of pink sauce variations on our food. Their portions were HUGE, so I highly recommend sharing a dish and a salad or something instead of everyone ordering a dish. We had way too many leftovers and the seafood doesn’t really keep that well in the fridge.

We went to Lucky Strike Friday with our friends Jenn and Will, and then stayed in last night with a great Malbec, cheese and crackers, and the movie A Serious Man, which literally has no ending whatsoever. Thanks Coen brothers. JERKS! Now we’re going to order Chinese food to fulfill my craving at Chef Tian Express… we shall see how Miami Chinese food tastes!


Old Friends and New

Old Friend Friday

Friday, I got to pick up Cameron’s brother Brandon at the airport at 12:30. It was my first experience at the Miami International Airport, and it is similar to LAX in that it is circular and obnoxious to navigate/ nowhere to sit and wait for a minute for a person. However, that said I found Brandon on my second attempt circling and head to Coral Gables for lunch at CPK. One focaccia sandwich later, we headed back to our duplex. I showed him the place and then we unpacked his belongings from the trailer and put them in my car. His new storage unit is in Medley, FL. I can tell you this much… I do not foresee a return to there for any  of us anytime soon. Medley is an industrial city with a small population. The woman working at the storage unit set up a beauty area with her friends in the office.  I overheard that they were highlighting someone’s hair. Very bizarre.

We came home and prepared ourselves for dinner while Cameron was out exploring the world of Cuban food with his classmates. He brought home some leftovers, and I asked what they were. “Tons of pork!!! I told them you wouldn’t touch it, but they made me bring home leftovers anyway.” Apparently, he tried about 3 kinds of pork, and he loved it all. Two of his classmates are Cuban and thus know what to order and where to go for real Cuban food. I still want to try it myself, but not the pork. The stringy texture of pork freaks me out.

We met two friends of the Weiss family for dinner. Granville is a Bahamian who visited for the weekend and then Lauralynn lives in Kendall and just completed building a house in the Bahamas. We ate dinner at a place in Coconut Grove called Jaguar, which is known for its ceviche spoons. Cameron and I each tried one, and mine was spicy! They were delicious, tiny, and just a taste of what’s next. I recommend trying them as an appetizer, but the dinner dishes are large too. I tried the Mambo Mango Salad with seared tuna for dinner. The dressing was cilantro-lime-jalapeno vinaigrette, avocado, mango, and more tuna than I could consume! Cameron had poblano pepper and chicken quesadillas. Jaguar is one of the best restaurants in the Grove, and I can say without hesitation that it lived up to the hype.(sp

Afterwards, we went out in South Miami at two bars with live bands. The first was a rock band at Bouganevillia (sp?) and the second was a blues band at the Titanic. The two bars and South Miami are apparently a UM party area. I also heard Coconut Grove is too, which should change things once they return to school this week. I don’t like that you can smoke inside bars, it is disgusting. Miami is a bit behind the times in that sense, and hopefully that will change while we’re here. Titanic brews their own beer (one of two places in Miami to do so) and has live music nightly. I think it will be a good place to return to once school picks back up and it isn’t so dead.

New Friend Saturday

Cameron and I went to pick up our metal bed frame finally out in Cutler Ridge, which is down Dixie Highway about 20 miles. Neither of us wanted to drive in his truck without AC on a day when it finally was warm., but we had to get it done. I called ahead of time, and then we trekked out there only to find out the frame was simply not there. They offered me no explanation for our pre-paid piece other than, “It’s just not there, but we can order another one.” Thanks?? They won’t deliver it to our place, but since they messed up they offered to ship it to their location in Dadeland, and I will pick it up tomorrow. I don’t understand how paid for bed frames go missing, but such is life.

We came home, hung out, watched the latest Jersey Shore episodes, and waited to meet Cameron’s classmates for dinner. We went to a pizza place with the largest pizzas about 3 minutes away from us, called Calusa’s. A whole small pizza is 14″. 14″ is usually a large pizza under normal circumstances. Cam and I got a slice of green bell pepper and a slice of mushroom between the two of us. They take each piece and cut it in half… and I still couldn’t finish my portion! We went to Moe’s later in the evening, which is famous for “Moose Juice”. Moose Juice has 3 types of Bacardi, a few types of juice, and is a giant beverage that tastes like candy. Yummmmmmm. I enjoyed meeting Cameron’s classmates and 2 new girls! It was refreshing and I look forward to more enjoyable nights hanging out with them.

Sunday brought rain, gym time where I got to watch the Cowboys flounder, and lounging. I hope that Dexter wins all the awards its nominated for tonight at the Golden Globes– John Lithgow especially deserves that Globe for his creepy portrayal of the Trinity Killer. Currently, I’m trying to figure out what’s for dinner and if I’ll make it to the end of the awards show (11 pm our time, seems so late!)…


I am so glad the move is over. I left California December 16th and flew home to Texas for the holidays. Cameron drove with Jules for 3 days to reach us. We spent the holidays with my family in Carrollton and rested up. It was pleasant to get rest before the second half of the trip since moving out was extremely stressful and tiresome.

On Christmas day we went to Austin to visit my brother and his family and spend the night there. From that location, we drove to right outside New Orleans and spent the night in a cheesy hotel. Cheesy blow-up decorations covered the exterior of it. After that, we drove around the French Quarter at 9 am the next day… and people were already drinking in the bars and prepping for a Saints game! We drove all the way to Orlando in time to watch the second half of the Cowboys game and spent the night at my cousins’ new house. From there, it was on to Boca Raton to pick up my car and then to Miami! Cameron came down with a chest cold that day, so once we got to the hotel in Miami it was rest time for him.