Summer TV

Since the only shows I watch in the summer are things like SYTYCD and Top Chef, I usually end up watching DVDs of older shows, get hooked, and fuel my addiction to television. Last summer I was all about Dexter (WATCH IT NOW), and this summer I just got hooked to two more shows- Chuck and Mad Men.

Chuck starts with a guy named Chuck (clearly) who got expelled from Stanford, reasons unknown, and works at the Buy More. Buy More is exactly like Best Buy, and his position is like an employee of the Geek Squad except they’re called the “Nerd Herd”. You have to love the rhyming, right? He lives with his sister in Los Angeles, and he accidentally ends up downloading government secrets into his head. Oopsies. He has two handlers that end him up in trouble but try to keep him out of trouble at the same time, and this show explores his life now that he has all this knowledge. There’s action, comedy, and sentimental parts too. You can’t help loving Chuck and even his dorky best friend, Morgan. The show is on NBC, but while it’s on summer hiatus buy the DVDs on Blu Ray on Amazon here.

Mad Men begins in 1960, and the show lives up to the critics’ hype and all of its Emmy/ Golden Globe awards. MAd Men centers around an advertising exec, Don Draper, in his office in New York City. The culture of corporations is quite different than mine… and different in a bad way mostly. They smoke in the office (sick), women are merely secretaries and objects 80% of the time, and women who are housewives are expected to be there with dinner ready and the kids taken care of in the ‘burbs. I love their outfits and Christina Hendricks and January Jones are gorgeous. The new season starts July 25th so I guess I better watch all three seasons ASAP! Enjoy for some drama and lots of intriguing historical information as well. I, for one, am quite relieved I didn’t live then… I would’ve been miserable. Buy all three previous seasons at Amazon and get caught up over the next month in time for the premiere!

-Whitney J. Manson


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