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So You Think You Can Dance (Pre Ep 1)

Though I have watched zero of the auditions, I could not be more excited to see tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance ep! I am really glad they changed up the formula of the show because it was pretty boring last season. I loved the dancing but the formula was just tired! They are bringing back 12 favorite dancers from before to partner with the contestants, and I am looking forward to their returns to see how they’ve grown as dancers since they competed. I don’t have any favorites yet since I didn’t watch the auditions since I hate watching them ramble over bad performances and embarrassing people on TV. So hooray Twitch is back! As a former dancer, I tend to be rather critical of the show, so more to come later on how I feel about it!


Douchelord of the Day

Douchelord of the DayI think it was pretty obvious a long time ago, but this man, Spencer Pratt, has seriously lost his mind- even his “friends” (they get paid to be his friends) agree at this point. What’s with the healing crystals, rage, female hatred, and fake neighbor child’s birthday party? No one in their right mind would let their child hang out with Speidi unless they got copious amounts of money. Where are your drugs from and why are they making Heidi’s voice go higher?

Mr. Pratt, I give you the award for most embarrassing alum from my school ever. I am ashamed we went the same school, and I even prefer that criminal Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild to you!

Vote on The Lesser of Two Evil TV Choices

Please, make decisions for me. I can’t go through this week watching 2 Housewives shows AND The Hills. My boyfriend will kill me.

On the preview for The Hills, Spencer has a meltdown about his sister and his in-law and his “spiritual” crystals (and, I assume, his disgusting blonde facial hair). Brody, hot as ever, makes some very stupid joke about Audrina and Ryan Cabrera sharing clothes. Ryan is a Dallasite, and thus, I am offended.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are pretty amazing, and the last episode involved table flipping, the term “prostitution whore”, and THE book. I saw the previews, and I don’t think the drama will decrease at all this season. Villainess Danielle is seen discussing things with a priest, there are cop cars, and Teresa toasts, “To the end of Danielle, I hope she goes back to where she belongs, to Hell.” Hmmm what to watch…

I wish I had a makeup and hair artist everyday like crazy Jill Zarin. Smokey eyes for breakfast!
“In literature, the messenger always gets killed.” -Kelly Killoren Bensimon

go away, kate gosselin

If my hair looked like this, I too would’ve cried on Dancing With The Stars.

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond sick of seeing her all over television. I thought once they got divorced they both would disappear down their downtrodden, trashy trails or maybe take care of their eight kids.

Surprise, surprise, I was wrong. Famewhoring is way more fun than dealing with that brat Maddy and the other seven.


“I can’t talk to you. You have no brain, bye!”

In case you guys missed out on this week’s Real Housewives of NYC, please enjoy this clip that was basically the highlight of my week/ the thing I was looking forward to all season. Jill is becoming a middle school looney tune, but dear goodness I love riding the “Ramonacoaster” with her crazy eyes/ robot walk. I know I am repeating my point from beforehand, but please watch this ASAP here.

It should be dually noted that there is yet again no lack of ridiculous brainless comments from Kelly Bensimon, who is a “writer” but might have the IQ of my adorable dog, Jules. Jill brings up Twitter drama. She is approximately 13. However, I am glad they’ve added new blood, Sonja, into this show… hopefully she acts older than thirteen, but that’s still to be determined. Her gushing about Max (whom Kelly dated) and her love of inappropriate things that had me blushing… wait, this is someone’s MOM? Awkward. And not to mention Bethenny, who is about to be someone’s mom, is videotaped peeing on the pregnancy test which she just happened to have stored away? Remind me again- why do I still watch this stuff?

(Un)Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of New York is out of control this season. I have never seen grown women act so immature and pithy in my life! Well, maybe on RH of New Jersey…

Anyway, I watch all but the ATL ones religiously, and I must say lately the drama continues to increase each season. For me, this is great television. Except that I realize that these women on the shows are GROWN UPs who act like high schoolers (at best) and oftentimes have children. When I see them embarrass themselves all over the television, I like to watch it, but if this was my mom… yikes. I suppose I should throw in the fact that I am extremely fortunate to have a mother that does not embarrass me!

That said, whose team are you on- Bethenny or Jill? I never thought that Alex would be the “voice of reason”, but honestly she is the only one you see cooking for her kids, working, and trying to keep peace with the women. And heck, she seems to have a sharper brain than the rest too! Bethenny always has the greatest one-liners, and Ramona is always upsetting someone by speaking her mind rather than behind backs or in the interview room.

So if you haven’t been tuning in this season, start! The roller coaster of the friends turned enemies (Jill and Bethenny) + Ramona’s never-ending word vomit/ consumption of Pinot Grigio + Kelly Bensimmon’s idiotic comments (my friend Jen thinks she looks much like a California Raisin- I mean hellllllo there is such a think as being too tan!)= great TV. Watch it on Bravo on Thursdays at 10 then read the NY Daily Intel articles here and discuss with me!


Since Cameron has already begun school, I don’t have a lot to do. This means unpacking things, trying to decorate our place and pick photos to frame, watching plenty of classy reality television, and getting sucked into it while finding a job and being semi-productive. And going to the gym of course, which is another experience in itself. Publix was good too actually, I don’t think I will miss Vons at all.

So I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness. We had a GIANT one in Hermosa with machines for days and stuff everywhere, so we were glad to find that there is one about 10 minutes away if you walk there. However, it is different from our old one and is a 24 Hour Fitness- Shaq. I don’t really understand how this makes it different from other 24 Hour Fitnesses, but I do notice one major difference. The gym is much smaller, and pictures of Shaq are covering the wall. Shaq is watching you work out the entire time. I feel Shaq judging me as I work out and laughing at me as I attempt to lift weights. That said, I am glad there’s a gym close to us!

My latest reality TV obsession to grow out of boredom is the fabulous Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore is possibly the trashiest addition to reality television since the show Bad Girls Club. These girls clearly could be on that show with their aggression, cursing, drinking, fabulous accents, fighting, and of course, phrases like, “She came at me like a friggin’ hippo.”. The boys are also amazing with their impeccable hair that cannot be destroyed by any sort of weather condition, their “dancing” (which is mainly fist-pumping and jumping around), sleaziness, tattoos, earrings, steroids, and their liking of bejeweled t-shirts. What’s going to happen next? Who is going to punch someone next? Which guy isn’t taking steroids? How much easier could their job be? Will someone else leave the show? Will JWoww remove her skunk extensions? And that’s why I can’t stop watching this trainwreck of a show… Now I am going to GTL all day like “The Situation” does. Gym. Tan. Laundry. Just kidding about that, but really though I will go to the gym and do laundry.