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I Just Don’t Get…


Hot Hipster.

Hipsters are intriguing as a cultural study, but another sect of culture that I don’t fully comprehend. Hipsters are usually on the wealthier side of the spectrum, but they usually dress like they’re poor. Hipsters love fake horn-rimmed glasses, hats, scarves, tiny tight sweaters, layers of poor people clothing, scruff, giant bags, flannel, deep v-necks, and general homelessness-type attire that costs more than my rent. They usually segregate themselves to a certain part of town that is more “artsy” by their standards and can be conquered by their single-speed bikes (Silverlake, Los Feliz, Williamsburg, Greenwich, Wicker Park, The Design District, the entitre Northwest), filled with coffee shops and, of course, Parliament cigarettes and PBR. In my personal theory, that is mostly what they consume aside from some vegan options, thus keeping their skinny and non-muscular figures in tact. Unfortunately, they listen to most of the same music as I do, but this just means they have pretty excellent music taste. I tend to bump into these types at concerts. They flock to vintage stores, tight jeans (women’s jeans, tapered jeans, and skinnies especially), dark hair, side-swept bangs, and serious faces. Walk into American Apparel to find your inner hipster today. The tighter the better, and you might as well pick up smoking and a mustache while you’re at it.

How did hipster-dom become something so big? Where do they hold summits on what is appropriate hipster gear and hipster food? Can I study hipsterology somewhere???

not a hot hipster. more typical.

Maybe I should just stalk the Design District instead. For more examples of hipsters, refer to the LATFH site here.


I Just Don’t Get…


photo courtesy of scott

What is this raver culture that I cannot comprehend?

Raves started in England, and they were parties where people listened to electro dance music and techno, so nothing has changed since then… They like peace, love, unity, and respect- basically, they’re new-age hippies.

That’s great and all, but why do they dress like the ladies above? And why do they trade beads? I don’t get it, but they all went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles this past weekend. What’s with the tight clothes, the bras, the neon, the furry hooker boots, and the prevalence of Hello Kitty? Someone help me comprehend. Dennen??

Social Media Status Manners 101

Social media has truly changed the way I read my news. Not just news, but news about the lives of my friends, former friends, acquaintances, ex-boyfriends, etc… Obviously, this can be a dangerous platform and even borderline crazy. No one wants to admit, but there is always someone you stalk, for better or worse. And even better yet, all the things you don’t even want to know ever in a million years you can now see when you log into Facebook. Awesome, right??

Most of the time, I login, and I enjoy seeing photos of my friends, seeing what they’re up to, and pretending I’m still in Los Angeles with them. I think happy thoughts, and I am generally proud of my friends for having a blast, getting great jobs, and being the wonderful people that they are.

But at the same time, Facebook is often proof of  how ignorant people can be. Sometimes I login and am appalled… and here are my top reasons why:

  1. I am sorry you broke up. Really, I am. However, I really don’t appreciate reading the dirty details about your latest breakup, your broken heart, and how you feel disgusted with the fact that you fell so madly in love with someone and were betrayed. I mean come on, I already read from your relationship status update that you’re single, so I really don’t need those gory details about emotions. “Drowning yourself in alcohol to make the pain go away” does not say single and ready to mingle, it says “I am a train-wreck who has to depend on a man to be happy”. I realize that this might make me appear uncaring, but pouring your feelings out all over Facebook does not make one a strong, single gal ready to move on. It makes you sad, self-loathing, dependent, and quite frankly— desperate. No one wants to be that girl! At all costs, refrain from posting your post-breakup emotions. If you need to take a leave of absence from social media, please do.
  2. Your every thought does not need to be accounted for on the ‘book (use Twitter, maybe… okay, don’t do that there either). I use FourSquare, and I think it’s fun. But this does not mean I am telling you my every move. I do not write “Awake!” then “Ready for a great day!” “So lucky to be at work!” “SO happy to be back home with Jules!” “SO excited to be at the gym!” “OMG I showered!” “Cooking dinner!” “Going to bed! NIGHT!”. I am really quite certain no one at all cares about my daily routine. I don’t like my daily routine much either. With that said, I do not alert anyone when I use the restroom, lose weight, etc.
  3. False Hope Posts are a good way to embarrass yourself. Facebook is something everyone you know reads. How embarrassing is it if you tell the 1,000+ friends you have that you’re going on a fabulous/amazing/wonderful ideal interview, but then you don’t get the job! You probably aren’t going to post anything like “OH NO didn’t get the job!”, but your followers are wondering. Then you have to admit to them eventually, at least some of them, you didn’t get your dream job. Another false hope post is who you’re dating for the day. Until he’s your boyfriend, you probably don’t want to go about blabbing about him all over your status or his wall. This could get awkward when he dumps you in a month because he finds your posts desperate and “creepy”. But my False Hope Post #1 no-no are things like “BIG NEWS!” and then not telling anyone and making them comment and wonder. You’re just fishing for attention, and people see through this ploy.
  4. Please remember that your family is on Facebook. Keep that in mind. Your cousin doesn’t want to know how drunk you got, how hungover you are, or that you think you need a boob job.

Tiger’s Goatee

I thought it was just because he’s no longer sponsored by Gillette, but this a good strategy too.