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Douchelord of the Day

Oh heyyy Lori Michaels! Today you get the highest honor even though you deserved it on Monday (I’m behind, too much Mad Men marathoning).

I almost had to do a repeat offender and recrown Danielle Staub as my Douchelord of the Day, but I refrained. Instead, I decided to take the higher route and blame Lori Michaels for this latest Danielle mess. I don’t know what rock Lori has been hiding under for the past week, because I personally know that Danielle’s crooked boobs are everywhere on the internet/television, she is a terrible mom who treats her kids like friends, she rolls deep with thugs, and is generally a red flag waving type of disillusioned crazy. She is the leader of crazytown! So why why why would Lori Michaels want anything to do with her? I just don’t get it. You have to be a douchelord to pair up with her and write a song about being close and then sing it on Andy’s show (how much booze did he need to get through this episode?) live. ¬†My favorite moment was when the camera panned away from the uncomfortably close duet to Andy’s face… priceless! Lori, if you don’t want to be a douchelord, stay away from this attention loving fake lesbian who has been engaged more times than she’s had her boobs adjusted which is possibly weirder than her “McDonald’s arches eyebrows” (Chelsea Handler). Do what’s best for yourself and your career, Lori, and I can assure you this has nothing to do with Danielle Staub. Please watch the lovely video here and let me know what you think.

xoxo Whitney J. Manson


Douchelord of the Day

This is a hilarious drawing of the lovely housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub. However, she isn’t really a housewife since she is unmarried. The lady is insane… she should probably hang out with the wonderful people from other reality shows such as Heidi and Kelly Bensimon. Anyway, last season she was kind of hilarious. She seemed delusional, confused, but I still felt pity for her poor children whom she treated as her friends rather than children. This season, though, it’s going from hilarious to totally pathetic. Instead of thinking it is funny, I am beginning to think she’s really screwed up mentally in a way that is incredibly sad. She needs some serious help! She possibly has borderline personality disorder, which would explain her paranoia of everyone being out to get her and her constant need for attention, etc etc etc. No matter what the other women do, be it leave her alone at an event at their place of business or politely decline an invitation to the banquet she threw herself for her daughter Christine’s magazine cover (way to steal the spotlight, Danielle Staub!), she creates a mad frenzy about herself. I love how she surrounds herself with felons and hit men just in case someone might attack her at a charity function to benefit a sick child. Making it all about Danielle and randomly bringing 10 extra people for defense isn’t crazy at all. Then the lady goes out and releases a terrifying sex tape herself? She has two kids! That makes her the douchelord of the day… for being one of the worst moms I’ve ever seen.

-Whitney Manson