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Jersey Shore Does Twilight

If you enjoy watching Jersey Shore, this clip will definitely make you laugh– they bring some GTL and pickles up to Forks with Snooki as Bella here.


Douchelord of the Day

Angelina from Jersey Shore is today’s Douchelord of the Day for biting the hand that feeds her. It has been reported that no one’s seen her in Miami lately. I still haven’t run into this bunch, but that means that I am going to places that are not disgusting. There is nothing better than being a quitter twice over! So, that makes Angelina my douchelord of the day.

-Whitney Manson


Since Cameron has already begun school, I don’t have a lot to do. This means unpacking things, trying to decorate our place and pick photos to frame, watching plenty of classy reality television, and getting sucked into it while finding a job and being semi-productive. And going to the gym of course, which is another experience in itself. Publix was good too actually, I don’t think I will miss Vons at all.

So I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness. We had a GIANT one in Hermosa with machines for days and stuff everywhere, so we were glad to find that there is one about 10 minutes away if you walk there. However, it is different from our old one and is a 24 Hour Fitness- Shaq. I don’t really understand how this makes it different from other 24 Hour Fitnesses, but I do notice one major difference. The gym is much smaller, and pictures of Shaq are covering the wall. Shaq is watching you work out the entire time. I feel Shaq judging me as I work out and laughing at me as I attempt to lift weights. That said, I am glad there’s a gym close to us!

My latest reality TV obsession to grow out of boredom is the fabulous Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore is possibly the trashiest addition to reality television since the show Bad Girls Club. These girls clearly could be on that show with their aggression, cursing, drinking, fabulous accents, fighting, and of course, phrases like, “She came at me like a friggin’ hippo.”. The boys are also amazing with their impeccable hair that cannot be destroyed by any sort of weather condition, their “dancing” (which is mainly fist-pumping and jumping around), sleaziness, tattoos, earrings, steroids, and their liking of bejeweled t-shirts. What’s going to happen next? Who is going to punch someone next? Which guy isn’t taking steroids? How much easier could their job be? Will someone else leave the show? Will JWoww remove her skunk extensions? And that’s why I can’t stop watching this trainwreck of a show… Now I am going to GTL all day like “The Situation” does. Gym. Tan. Laundry. Just kidding about that, but really though I will go to the gym and do laundry.