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Sandals for Summer

I love these sandals. I don’t think I $80 love these sandals, but the light yellow and turquoise (which to me looks more in the aqua color range) are perfect for daily wear to the office, out running errands (with my new jean shorts!), or for a night out in Miami.

As the temperature rises, every woman should have at least one pair of classy flat sandals lying around (and I don’t mean Havianas) for all occasions. This style of sandal with the braided leather straps seems to be popping up everywhere. Instead of dressing yourself in painful heels, turn to the many options of flat sandals available. You won’t have to buy those tacky looking Footzy Rolls (though I admit, the idea is pretty genius to have roll-up shoes to change into rather than traipsing along the Vegas strip barefoot late at night), you won’t have to dance shoe-less, and you won’t have to sit down the whole time wherever you are due to lack of comfort. They make them in varying shapes and styles so you can find ones with arches, ones with more padding, ones with a small platform, or even ones with studs.

Find a flat sandal style that suits you and is easily transferable from day to night at Steve Madden.

-Whitney Manson


The school I went to for 14 years now has its own TOMS. Yeah, this is not made up and yes, it is unfair that cool things happen whenever I leave (ahem, putting in a 21 Choices AND Lemonade on the USC Campus). Saddle oxfords < HockaTOMS. If you don’t know what TOMS are, they’re sustainable shoes that are typically canvas or made from vegan materials. When you buy them, they donate a pair to a child who needs shoes (this is their One for One movement). Their mission is a great cause, and the shoes are adorable. Buy them.