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Douchelord of the Day

Kelly Killoren Bensimon is my douchelord of the day (inspired by the lovely Jenn). Kelly Bensimon had what she called a “nervous breakthrough” on this week’s episode, but I am not so sure that is how I would define her behavior. The women talked about her like she was not even there since she was out of her mind. She also does not eat processed food, but enjoys gummy bears, candy of all sorts, and beer. She thinks “turning lemons into lemonade” is a bad thing, and she actually has a pretty horrific vocabulary/ train of thought for being a journalist, editor, and writer. I have no idea what happened to her in the Virgin Islands, but saying that Bethenny tried to kill her multiple times and that Alex was channeling the devil were the highlights of my week. She really lost it this ep, and she was crazy mean, so that is certainly reason enough to give Kelly Bensimon the douchelord of the day award! Welcome, Kell! You always can make me laugh.


Douchelord of the Day

Douchelord of the DayI think it was pretty obvious a long time ago, but this man, Spencer Pratt, has seriously lost his mind- even his “friends” (they get paid to be his friends) agree at this point. What’s with the healing crystals, rage, female hatred, and fake neighbor child’s birthday party? No one in their right mind would let their child hang out with Speidi unless they got copious amounts of money. Where are your drugs from and why are they making Heidi’s voice go higher?

Mr. Pratt, I give you the award for most embarrassing alum from my school ever. I am ashamed we went the same school, and I even prefer that criminal Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild to you!