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Fleece and Scarves… in Miami?

My posts for last week are not up on WeeklySauce yet, but I think they’ll be up soon- my latest topics are cooking with goat cheese, drinking on a diet, and vacationing in Vegas and Whistler. I have been wearing my North Face daily. I don’t know what these people are talking about, but so far it is still completely the opposite of warm. The wind is biting and  it is weird.

I’m becoming jaded from staring at a giant Mac all week. My laptop seems like Jules right now, the runt of Macs. Jules finally took a trip to our new vet becuase she’s been really sick :(. Turns out she has an intestinal infection. Jules is definitely like our child, and we both felt so badly that we couldn’t help her get better on our own! She is on three different antibiotics, and is well on her way to being the same bright-eyed healthy pup she used to be. When she is well again, I will try to take her to work for “puppy Friday”. I think she will enjoy running around with Bailey and Bentley all day. The Chinese food from Chef Tian Express was fantastic Chinese take-out, and it was exactly what I wanted. I got my fill of egg-drop soup, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, and pepper steak. I will go back there when the craving strikes, especially for the price! The Chinese food there was way cheaper than Los Angeles, but you have to say “No MSG”. I’m coming to learn that Miami is sort of slow on the uptake- they still allow texting and driving, smoking in bars, and don’t care about MSG yet. Restaurants in L.A. have signs on their windows with “NO MSG” in lights so you’ll come in there. They’re just a bit more conscious about health I guess.

The work week was sometimes stressful, but I came out all right. Even when the day gets bad, it is nice to know that my coworkers are there to make me laugh so hard I cry during our lunch break, even if it’s because they’re making fun of my lunch. I went to my first book club meeting Tuesday, and we met at my new favorite haunt, Jaguar Spot. I have been here for such a short time, yet I have been there three times now! Vista, the leader of my book club, goes there every other Tuesday for a large order of ceviche and a mango martini. Their food is truly out of this world, largely Latin influenced, and completely delicious. We discussed Doctor Zhivago with one other person, a boy, and all three of us live in the same area. They are also Miami transplants and warned me that living here takes some getting used to, but they all enjoy it here. The guy has lived in Dallas AND was born in Los Alamitos! Hahaha. They saw different things in the book that I missed, and I too brought a different viewpoint to the discussion. I am so glad about my decision to join a small book club that does not read just fluff- it was refreshing to be surrounded by intelligent people who can discuss reading!

Last night we went to Sugarcane Raw Bar & Grill, which is a new tapas place in Midtown. According to my coworker Spencer, “Midtown is a good place to get mugged.” It is an area that borders an unsafe neighborhood and is “becoming gentrified”. However, Krista lives there and it is an upcoming area with shops, bars, restaurants, and lofts/apartments/condos upstairs of it all. Sugarcane is known for their drinks- a mojito, The Spice of Life, and … The place was PACKED due to the promotion of Yelp! Drinks. Yelp! Drinks was an event over March 1st-7th and it featured 15 restaurants promoting 3 drinks each at half price. We had a great time there and are planning on going to the Everglades with Krista and Bryan soon!

Today we are preparing a big dish of Bahamian macaroni and cheese for a barbeque on the beach we will attend with people from Swatch. The main dish is a roasted pig, which I will not touch. They told us to bring sides and drinks, and we are making something I can make my main dish since Cameron and I both know I won’t go near, haha. We will head to the grocery store soon for the stuff. I am contemplating making a pie too… we’ll see. Did I mention it is really cold out? We are going to hit up Latin Burger on the way, one of Miami’s gourmet food trucks that is in the neighborhood today. This one has Latin-influenced burgers, tacos, fries, and special sauces for fries. They are starting to develop more gourmet food trucks just like Los Angeles… I hope they get a grilled cheese truck here too!

“He must be excited if he forgot his teeth!”-16 & Pregnant quote of the day. Article about my obsession with the show to follow soon…


The Settling Down Period

This past week I started work, and so far it’s going well. I learned a lot and have more to go, but I think I am starting to get the hang of things. My coworkers are friendly and invite me to eat lunch with them… it is seriously the opposite of my old job! The environment is even better than I imagined for my first job in a brand new city. The dogs that are in daily are pretty cute too.

I am still finishing up Doctor Zhivago and am at the very end. It is a classic, but I am finding Russian names hard to follow still. The story is interesting, but it’s definitely not my favorite book. I met with a girl on Wednesday who is joining the book club too, and she is from Toronto originally and thinking of moving to Los Angeles. We met and talked about L.A. and Miami, and she is really cool! I think we are going to get together and go bowling sometime soon.

Cameron’s parents arrived on Friday, and we hid the key in a strategic location so they could get inside while we were both gone at school and work. Jules loves having them here, because they take her on all kinds of walks! On Friday, they walked her all around Coconut Grove before we got home. We hung out for a bit at the house when I got home to enjoy Planet Earth on Blu Ray (they are very impressed with the picture on our TV, haha) and then ate dinner at Jaguar. I had chicken tacos, and they were tiny blue corn crispy tortillas filled with chicken. The chicken was full of flavor and I traded one for Cameron’s fish tacos, which were seasoned similarly but soft. They were tiny and excellent as well. So far, this restaurant lives up to its hype. On Thursdays, they have a set price where you can eat unlimited kabobs and ceviche spoons and also drink two beverages. I want to go back to try that soon!

Saturday we grabbed breakfast at Coral Bagels again, and they even had blueberry bagels- my favorite- for the first time that I’ve been there. I was pretty excited about that. We went to two different Home Depots, and we came home to fix our door and give Jules a bath. We took her on a walk around the marina and got slices of pizza for lunch on the way home. Our cabinets, which we discovered were falling off the wall the other day, also got fixed. I heard a noise coming from them when I was cleaning up, and it turns out they used to stay put because of the old backsplash. The new backsplash does not hold it up anymore, so the cabinets started to fall, especially with the weight of the microwave! I’m so glad it’s fixed now. We had dinner at Moon for Thai and Japanese food, where Cameron and I ate the weekend we moved here. Moderately priced and great to fill both cravings, it did not disappoint. More adventures are in store for today, starting with brunch at Le Bouchon du Grove. Its reviews on Yelp say it has the best brunch around, so it better be good!