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Jersey Shore Does Twilight

If you enjoy watching Jersey Shore, this clip will definitely make you laugh– they bring some GTL and pickles up to Forks with Snooki as Bella here.


Summer TV

Since the only shows I watch in the summer are things like SYTYCD and Top Chef, I usually end up watching DVDs of older shows, get hooked, and fuel my addiction to television. Last summer I was all about Dexter (WATCH IT NOW), and this summer I just got hooked to two more shows- Chuck and Mad Men.

Chuck starts with a guy named Chuck (clearly) who got expelled from Stanford, reasons unknown, and works at the Buy More. Buy More is exactly like Best Buy, and his position is like an employee of the Geek Squad except they’re called the “Nerd Herd”. You have to love the rhyming, right? He lives with his sister in Los Angeles, and he accidentally ends up downloading government secrets into his head. Oopsies. He has two handlers that end him up in trouble but try to keep him out of trouble at the same time, and this show explores his life now that he has all this knowledge. There’s action, comedy, and sentimental parts too. You can’t help loving Chuck and even his dorky best friend, Morgan. The show is on NBC, but while it’s on summer hiatus buy the DVDs on Blu Ray on Amazon here.

Mad Men begins in 1960, and the show lives up to the critics’ hype and all of its Emmy/ Golden Globe awards. MAd Men centers around an advertising exec, Don Draper, in his office in New York City. The culture of corporations is quite different than mine… and different in a bad way mostly. They smoke in the office (sick), women are merely secretaries and objects 80% of the time, and women who are housewives are expected to be there with dinner ready and the kids taken care of in the ‘burbs. I love their outfits and Christina Hendricks and January Jones are gorgeous. The new season starts July 25th so I guess I better watch all three seasons ASAP! Enjoy for some drama and lots of intriguing historical information as well. I, for one, am quite relieved I didn’t live then… I would’ve been miserable. Buy all three previous seasons at Amazon and get caught up over the next month in time for the premiere!

-Whitney J. Manson

SYTYCD Recap 1

I loved last night’s episode. My how some of the guys blew me away…

  1. Billy Bell and Lauren Gottlieb: While high energy and adorable, this dance to “Footloose” was honestly largely forgettable. I love Lauren and it’s great to see her back, but Billy just doesn’t seem too Broadway baby to me.
  2. Christina Santana and Mark Kanemura: It is great to see Mark back! He was better than ever and, per usual, perfectly in tune for Sonya’s quirky choreography. Christina is a salsa dancer, so watching her pushed totally out of her element was impressive, but I wasn’t blown away by it. I thought it could’ve been a little better.
  3. Jose Ruiz and Comfort Fedoke: They performed a NappyTabs routine to Ne-Yo, and I was underwhelmed again. The footwork was great and they worked well together.
  4. Adechike Torbert and Kathryn McCormick: Hello miss Kathryn– sexpot!!! They were dancing out his fantasy at work, with her as his secretary and an Ikea desk as a prop. She played the part so well that he kind of just became background noise to me. His technique was great, but I didn’t think he emoted enough of what the piece demanded of him. And while I love the choreographer, Travis Wall, why is he wearing a girl’s necklace?
  5. Melinda Sullivan and Pasha: Ballroom dance #1!! They performed the jive, and it was semi-okay, but she was so cheesy that it became tacky, but it also kept me from noticing her improper posture too much. She could definitely be in trouble tonight.
  6. Alex Wong and Allison Holker: Alex is a member of the Miami City Ballet, and they didn’t want him to leave for the show. I can see why he wanted to leave (cause he is a-maz-ing) and why they didn’t want to part with him (cause he is a-maz-ing). Last night he really stood out to me because he had it all in this best performance of the evening. Sonya’s choreography to “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley was touching, and he and Allison built the correct chemistry and emotion with their perfect technique to make this piece stellar. The judges cried, I got chills, and there is no way Alex is getting sent home after that. Allison has grown up significantly as a dancer, and it was great to see her back four years later!
  7. Alexie Agdeppa and Twitch Boss: They did a NappyTabs dance as well, and this time to a Jason Mraz song. I love Twitch, but he clearly outdanced Alexie this number. She did well, but she was very little girlish and could have brought more to the table. I thought the routine was cute but nothing to brag about.
  8. Lauren Froderman and Ade Obayomi: I felt badly because the judges sort of ripped Lauren to shreds, and I can’t do that myself. Her technique was amazing, the Mandy Moore dance was cool, but I didn’t feel the two dancers connect in the piece.
  9. Kent Boyd and Anya Garni: Ballroom piece #2. This Kent kid is from the middle of nowhere, so it seems, and he really executed the dance well, especially for having no ballroom experience. Good job.
  10. Ashley Galvan and Neil Haskell: Tyce choreographed a contemporary routine for them that was beautiful, and they both performed it beautifully; however, as the second slower piece of the night, I didn’t feel touched in the same manner as Sonya’s and thus was feeling pretty “meh” about it. It was very good though.
  11. Robert Roldan and Courtney Galiano: What a great way to end the night! They performed an African jazz routine that looked impossibly hard, and Robert even looked better than “All Star” Courtney while doing it! Though I think he needs to neglect from “rar”ing after his performances, I was definitely impressed and am looking forward to seeing him perform in the future. In case you were wondering, he hails from Thousand Oaks, California, and danced with my lovely Alyssa! Crazy.

So You Think You Can Dance (Pre Ep 1)

Though I have watched zero of the auditions, I could not be more excited to see tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance ep! I am really glad they changed up the formula of the show because it was pretty boring last season. I loved the dancing but the formula was just tired! They are bringing back 12 favorite dancers from before to partner with the contestants, and I am looking forward to their returns to see how they’ve grown as dancers since they competed. I don’t have any favorites yet since I didn’t watch the auditions since I hate watching them ramble over bad performances and embarrassing people on TV. So hooray Twitch is back! As a former dancer, I tend to be rather critical of the show, so more to come later on how I feel about it!

The 1 Interesting Gossip Girl Ep of the Season

Thanks for saving all the fun for the finale. Stupid Jenny woke up in Nate’s bed in his clothes again and Serena woke up in Dan’s. Jenny caught them, took photos of it, and sent it out, just like the brat she is. Blair told her she’s hurting everyone she loves and that no one loves her anymore. Well deserved, Little J. Georgina returned, no one cared, and when Dorota has her baby the whole cast is at the hospital (totally realistic). Additionally, Serena and Dan are discussing their kiss and Nate walks up- he doesn’t really even react much, just is like whatever we’re broken up look at my nice beautiful face. I, for one, am glad they broke up. They’re annoying, and Serena looks like a call girl- especially in the hospital in her blue shirt with no bra and shorts and Loubitons. Blair is supposed to meet Chuck at the Empire State Building, but her arrival gets delayed because of Dorota going into labor, so Chuck has given up by the time she arrives. She neglects to call or text him (because that’s too smart to do), and by the time she arrives at his place he’s slept with disgusting raccoon-eyed, knobby-kneed Jenny Humphrey, who loses it after this in the chapel of the hospital. She didn’t sleep with the drug dealer but CHUCK her former almost-rapist seemed like a good idea at the time? She regrets her actions, tells Eric and Dan, and ruins Chuck’s proposal to Blair. Blair would’ve accepted if the dumbrat hadn’t told Dan, Dan hadn’t punched Chuck, and then it was all out in the open.

Single Serena and Blair fly off to Paris, Chuck leaves for Prague, no one cares about Vanessa, Dan’s looking for flights for Paris, Nate is pretending he’s Chuck but looking really unimpressed by naked girls (maybe he likes boys better?), and Jenny is shipped away to her mom. The fam reunites as she goes away, but it makes no sense- this girl is crazy and no one would be that excited to hug her goodbye. Dan wants to Paris, doesn’t even write Vanessa (poor weird girl), and then Georgina shows up super pregnant and Chuck gets shot in Prague as these burglars mug him for his engagement ring.

Will Chuck live? He better or I will stop watching this ludicrous show…

Whitney Manson

Douchelord of the Day

Douchelord of the DayI think it was pretty obvious a long time ago, but this man, Spencer Pratt, has seriously lost his mind- even his “friends” (they get paid to be his friends) agree at this point. What’s with the healing crystals, rage, female hatred, and fake neighbor child’s birthday party? No one in their right mind would let their child hang out with Speidi unless they got copious amounts of money. Where are your drugs from and why are they making Heidi’s voice go higher?

Mr. Pratt, I give you the award for most embarrassing alum from my school ever. I am ashamed we went the same school, and I even prefer that criminal Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild to you!

It’s Always Arrested

I have two favorite TV shows. That’s right, just two “favorites”. I did a lot of weeding out of shows I like and paired it down to two- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Arrested Development. The reasons for this are below.

Arrested Development:

While you did not last long on the air, I have reached acceptance with the fact that I may have been one of five people who watched your show. Actually, I know there were more because we had a “Save the Bluths” event at my college. I attended this event, with many others, and got to see George Michael, Maeby, AND Steve Holt— IN PERSON. Yeah, Steve is a UT fan, and thus, we cannot be friends in life, but this event was amazing. I had high hopes that the show would continue. The show is quick, witty, and with smart writing. There are jokes you don’t even notice until you’ve seen it seven separate times, and believe me, I have watched all of the episodes seven times minimum. I can pop in the DVDs at any time and start over again, and the show is just as funny. The humor is just not to be outdone, the characters are entirely ridiculous, and GOB will always be GOB and the mother will always be drunk (and awful). I love this show to pieces, and I recommend everyone renting the DVDs to watch it. However, with that said, it is a show you have to watch from the beginning. The characters develop over time, and their behaviors are engrained from the beginning- they don’t really “grow”, but the show is just not as enjoyable if you don’t know the past. Keep your patience when you start, and once you get into it you’ll love it just as much as I do.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

I think these people are my friends. “The Gang”, Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Sweet Dee, and Frank, participate in all sorts of adventures. The show is very Seinfeld-esque in that there is not really a plot and there is a group of friends with only one girl. The show is quotable, and I am pretty sure the characters have no morals whatsoever. They do terrible things like abuse the welfare system, hunt people, hold a dance marathon, and throw rocks at trains on Christmas. They are constantly drunk, mostly crude, and they own a bar. You can watch the show at any point at any time, and the show is still funny. They even made a musical and the D.E.N.N.I.S. method for finding women. The characters in the show actually write the episodes, and they just wrapped up season five recently (+10 for still being on the air!). Please watch and laugh at their despicable behavior on FX. I will be your friend if you like this show.

Vote on The Lesser of Two Evil TV Choices

Please, make decisions for me. I can’t go through this week watching 2 Housewives shows AND The Hills. My boyfriend will kill me.

On the preview for The Hills, Spencer has a meltdown about his sister and his in-law and his “spiritual” crystals (and, I assume, his disgusting blonde facial hair). Brody, hot as ever, makes some very stupid joke about Audrina and Ryan Cabrera sharing clothes. Ryan is a Dallasite, and thus, I am offended.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are pretty amazing, and the last episode involved table flipping, the term “prostitution whore”, and THE book. I saw the previews, and I don’t think the drama will decrease at all this season. Villainess Danielle is seen discussing things with a priest, there are cop cars, and Teresa toasts, “To the end of Danielle, I hope she goes back to where she belongs, to Hell.” Hmmm what to watch…

I wish I had a makeup and hair artist everyday like crazy Jill Zarin. Smokey eyes for breakfast!
“In literature, the messenger always gets killed.” -Kelly Killoren Bensimon

go away, kate gosselin

If my hair looked like this, I too would’ve cried on Dancing With The Stars.

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond sick of seeing her all over television. I thought once they got divorced they both would disappear down their downtrodden, trashy trails or maybe take care of their eight kids.

Surprise, surprise, I was wrong. Famewhoring is way more fun than dealing with that brat Maddy and the other seven.

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