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I Just Don’t Get…


Hot Hipster.

Hipsters are intriguing as a cultural study, but another sect of culture that I don’t fully comprehend. Hipsters are usually on the wealthier side of the spectrum, but they usually dress like they’re poor. Hipsters love fake horn-rimmed glasses, hats, scarves, tiny tight sweaters, layers of poor people clothing, scruff, giant bags, flannel, deep v-necks, and general homelessness-type attire that costs more than my rent. They usually segregate themselves to a certain part of town that is more “artsy” by their standards and can be conquered by their single-speed bikes (Silverlake, Los Feliz, Williamsburg, Greenwich, Wicker Park, The Design District, the entitre Northwest), filled with coffee shops and, of course, Parliament cigarettes and PBR. In my personal theory, that is mostly what they consume aside from some vegan options, thus keeping their skinny and non-muscular figures in tact. Unfortunately, they listen to most of the same music as I do, but this just means they have pretty excellent music taste. I tend to bump into these types at concerts. They flock to vintage stores, tight jeans (women’s jeans, tapered jeans, and skinnies especially), dark hair, side-swept bangs, and serious faces. Walk into American Apparel to find your inner hipster today. The tighter the better, and you might as well pick up smoking and a mustache while you’re at it.

How did hipster-dom become something so big? Where do they hold summits on what is appropriate hipster gear and hipster food? Can I study hipsterology somewhere???

not a hot hipster. more typical.

Maybe I should just stalk the Design District instead. For more examples of hipsters, refer to the LATFH site here.


Douchelord of the Day

Jon Gosselin could be the douchelord for so many reasons… but I crown him now for this heinous tattoo (photo from Radar Online):

I’ve read the book, and it is definitely NOT called The Man With the Dragon Tattoo. It is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, she weighs about 120 pounds less than Jon Gosselin, and she is not into Ed Hardy. As a matter of fact, she’s around the age of Jon Gosselin’s latest girlfriends (early 20’s). He claims the tattoo is to signify how he’s making a change in his life. Unless he starts spending quality time with his children and not the children he dates and stops wearing Ed Hardy and tacky earrings, I won’t notice a change. Though I am sure we can all agree Kate is quite the ____, it doesn’t mean he has to be a douchelord of the day. That tattoo is awful. Thanks Jen for sending this quality photo to me, and thanks Jon Gosselin for being today’s douchelord of the day.

I Just Don’t Get…


photo courtesy of scott

What is this raver culture that I cannot comprehend?

Raves started in England, and they were parties where people listened to electro dance music and techno, so nothing has changed since then… They like peace, love, unity, and respect- basically, they’re new-age hippies.

That’s great and all, but why do they dress like the ladies above? And why do they trade beads? I don’t get it, but they all went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles this past weekend. What’s with the tight clothes, the bras, the neon, the furry hooker boots, and the prevalence of Hello Kitty? Someone help me comprehend. Dennen??

Douchelord of the Day

Ke$ha. Anyone who has a $ sign in their name should automatically fall into douchey crowning glory, but it wasn’t until I was reminded of her “singing” today why she belongs right here. Ke$ha does not sing. She talks to the tune of music, and the reason I really can’t stand her? Her talk-singing music is catchy, gets stuck in my head, and I find myself slightly enjoying the horror and disdain that is her, single-handedly ruining singing as a profession. I don’t understand why she neglects to shower, dresses like a poor hooker, and pretends to be drunk all the time. I truly am appalled and yet amazed at the same time- how did she become famous?

supes classy

Did you know that when you Google search her, “Ke$ha is ugly” is one of the top auto-fill options? I have no idea what’s under that hot mess, but I kind of agree thus far. Ke$ha is desecrating on the sanctity of my ears and eyes, but I am singing her stuff anyway- FAIL. Enjoy being the Douchelord of the Day!

Update: please read Lara’s opinion on hot mess Ke$ha here at

Jersey Shore Does Twilight

If you enjoy watching Jersey Shore, this clip will definitely make you laugh– they bring some GTL and pickles up to Forks with Snooki as Bella here.

Today in News

Today in news:

  • Don’t talk crap about your boss to Rolling Stone, you will get fired. Re: General McChrystal “It was a 10-minute photo op,” says an adviser to McChrystal. “Obama clearly didn’t know anything about him, who he was. Here’s the guy who’s going to run his fucking war, but he didn’t seem very engaged. The Boss was pretty disappointed.” Good judgment, General.
  • BP is still the worst.
  • There was a 5.0 earthquake up north in Canada, further convincing me that the world is ending. My friend felt it in Boston, and Jenn’s family probably felt it at home. That reminds me, time to get prepared for hurricanes.
  • USA WINS! They’re moving on to the next round and playing Saturday against Ghana at 2:30 ET. There are a lot of attractive men so maybe that will lure you to your television to support the US? See more of Interview Magazine’s lovely shirtless photos of our team here.

Douchelord of the Day

Oh heyyy Lori Michaels! Today you get the highest honor even though you deserved it on Monday (I’m behind, too much Mad Men marathoning).

I almost had to do a repeat offender and recrown Danielle Staub as my Douchelord of the Day, but I refrained. Instead, I decided to take the higher route and blame Lori Michaels for this latest Danielle mess. I don’t know what rock Lori has been hiding under for the past week, because I personally know that Danielle’s crooked boobs are everywhere on the internet/television, she is a terrible mom who treats her kids like friends, she rolls deep with thugs, and is generally a red flag waving type of disillusioned crazy. She is the leader of crazytown! So why why why would Lori Michaels want anything to do with her? I just don’t get it. You have to be a douchelord to pair up with her and write a song about being close and then sing it on Andy’s show (how much booze did he need to get through this episode?) live.  My favorite moment was when the camera panned away from the uncomfortably close duet to Andy’s face… priceless! Lori, if you don’t want to be a douchelord, stay away from this attention loving fake lesbian who has been engaged more times than she’s had her boobs adjusted which is possibly weirder than her “McDonald’s arches eyebrows” (Chelsea Handler). Do what’s best for yourself and your career, Lori, and I can assure you this has nothing to do with Danielle Staub. Please watch the lovely video here and let me know what you think.

xoxo Whitney J. Manson

Blitzen Trapper

Be sure to go buy the new Blitzen Trapper album Destroyer of the Void. I adored their last album, Furr, for their unique sound and catchy tunes. My favorite on that album is definitely “Black River Killer”. Their music at some points sounds older because you can hear the influence of Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, The Beatles, The Band, and Neil Young all combined somehow? Their influences really do range from about 1960 to now. They all hail originally from Portland, Oregon, and work altogether on their music. I love their laid back type of folk/rock tunes that people across all generations can appreciate. Their music is perfect for a day at the beach, a day at work, and here’s a good selling point- my parents even like them. They tell stories through their poetry that’s lightly handled over the casual and sometimes bluesy tones. Give them a listen and let me know what you think!

Watch them TONIGHT on Jimmy Kimmel!

Douchelord of the Day

PEREZ HILTON wins today’s douchelord of the day honors. I admit (rather shamefully) to reading his website, and sometimes I sort of giggle, but I’m equally appalled. He rags on Kristen Stewart incessantly, and quite frankly I’m bored of hearing it. The girl is awkward, so awkward, and you’re only making it worse by interpreting her lack of comfort with the media for being a brat. I don’t think she’s the best actress, but I don’t think she’s a total brat either- she just doesn’t enjoy being tracked every step of her life. Before Twilight, she’d acted but no one stalked her, and now she has no freedom. Then you proceed to call her a lesbian? If she is that’s her own business- so can you blame her for being annoyed? As a gay man all for gay rights, he should try giving people a little more respect with their own sexuality. I don’t think the media should out people… it just seems all types of wrong.

He isn’t so great with media or in person himself! And his morals seem a little skewed- posting photos of Miley’s crotch (she is a CHILD), Chuy from Chelsea Lately doing inappro things, and drawing *things* on all the photos he posts, along with cozying up to celebs and trashing them all at once.

Granted I poke fun at a lot of people on here too, but I think I do it in a little less offensive manner, no?

Smoking a Jeffrey

I would just like to report the most commonly searched items that land you on my blog are the phrases “smoke a jeffrey” and “furry walls”. This means that people are searching these phrases from Get Him to the Greek (aka 2010’s best comedy so far). Are they hoping to find these? A jeffrey is a work of fiction as is the dialogue in the whole movie. Plus, after seeing how crazy a jeffrey makes you, I don’t know why anyone would ever want to smoke that… and I am certainly not surrounded by furry walls at any point in time. Since furry walls are nowhere these days, smoking a jeffrey could land you in a lot of trouble. Just say no to drugs. Smileyface.

In another addendum, Miley Cyrus is still shooting out things from her mouth that I’d rather not hear again, such as feeling “more comfortable dressing with a little less.” Just because you do not think this is “slutty” does not mean I believe 17 year olds should be running around dressed like baby prostitutes. The end.

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