Smoking a Jeffrey

I would just like to report the most commonly searched items that land you on my blog are the phrases “smoke a jeffrey” and “furry walls”. This means that people are searching these phrases from Get Him to the Greek (aka 2010’s best comedy so far). Are they hoping to find these? A jeffrey is a work of fiction as is the dialogue in the whole movie. Plus, after seeing how crazy a jeffrey makes you, I don’t know why anyone would ever want to smoke that… and I am certainly not surrounded by furry walls at any point in time. Since furry walls are nowhere these days, smoking a jeffrey could land you in a lot of trouble. Just say no to drugs. Smileyface.

In another addendum, Miley Cyrus is still shooting out things from her mouth that I’d rather not hear again, such as feeling “more comfortable dressing with a little less.” Just because you do not think this is “slutty” does not mean I believe 17 year olds should be running around dressed like baby prostitutes. The end.



  1. John Said:

    I was actually searching for baby prositutes when I landed here.

    • JaytB Said:


      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The most funny thing I read all night! ROFLAO!

  2. Dan Said:

    I have smoked a Judy, but I have never smoked a Jeffrey. Although, after watching that movie I will try it over and over again… Minus the chlorox, of course! And I have a fuzzy wall, JIC

    Baby prostitutes! Where?

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