leslie knope’s my hero.

“When I retire, and I’m attending some gala honoring the first three female presidents in history, myself and two other women I have inspired, I want to be looking back at my distinguished legacy and not thinking that I owe my career to some possum. And I want to be wearing a huge beautiful blue hat!”-Leslie Knope

Knope is Dope.

If you do not watch Parks and Recreation on NBC at 8:30 PM (ET) on Thursdays, you are missing out. Parks and Rec, as the cool kids call it, is phenomenal. The first season took a little growing on me, but now I cannot stop laughing. The ridiculousness that goes on in this “mockumentary” style show makes my Thursdays.

The series began with this childlike man named Andy falling into a pit. A lot of the show centers around the hilarity of the team trying to fill in the pit, and incorporates Andy’s girlfriend, the nurse Ann. The show follows Andy, Ann, and the Parks and Rec team- Ron is the jazz playing boss, Tom is the sleazy jokester, April never smiles (well suited to the the dry humor of Aubrey Plaza), and everyone makes fun of Jerry. Basically, Leslie is always optimistic to a fault, and it’s great to watch her screw up and yet be awesome at the same time. She loves awards, strong women in politics, and whipped cream in her coffee. Her office is even plastered with photos of women like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

So go watch your TV or set your DVR for a fabulous 30 minutes of laughs. If Leslie was a real person, I would be her friend. Also, Andy has a whose name changes every week (here). Seriously just watch this show.


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