MLK Jr. Day, a Half Holiday

Cameron has school today and I had an interview. I can’t really consider today a holiday except that the bank isn’t open.

My joke of an interview was this afternoon and we will pick up the bed frame today finally… and hopefully for the last time. Right now I am finally watching Project Runway and trying to plan this week’s meals so I don’t have to make 7 trips to Publix. I hope this season is more exciting of Project Runway. The designers appear to have more personality than last season from the get-go, and they returned to New York. I already see a dress I wouldn’t mind wearing!

Last night was the Golden Globes, and I voted online what my picks were. I was 16/25. Not bad for a rookie! I just knew Glee would win for its witty weaving of song, drama, and comedy. There is never a shortage of giggles, tear-jerking moments, and bursts of song that fit the story line. I think the show is genius and came to fruition at a perfect time. Now there is at least one musical film annually, and the public embraces the idea of a musical more than a decade ago. So why not have a TV show musical now!? Not everyone could master this style, but Ryan Murphy manages to find songs, popular songs, that add to the story. I love it but wish it returned to TV sooner than April. Winter Olympics and American Idol, :(!!!!

Other wins I was ecstatic about were Michael C. Hall, John Lithgow, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, and The Hangover…

Dexter is brilliant. The twist and turns are always unpredictable, and this year was no slouch. I might even say it was the craziest, and it would bore viewers if not for Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow’s great performances. Mr. Lithgow, often a comedic actor, took this role to the extreme. He inhabited the role so much that the man I often laughed at (Orange County, anyone?) I found disturbing, mentally unsound, and waited for his next move. The HFP nominated Michael C. Hall for a Golden Globe 3 times previously, but last night was his first win for his dark portrayal of a disturbed psychopath/ family man. Without his striking performance, the show would not be believable and the viewer would not have compassion for the murderer. The win came at a great time. Hall just came public with his battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He is in remission and only came forth last week because he knew his appearance at the Globes would garner whispers.

Meryl Streep cannot fail. I loved her as Julia Child! I enjoyed that Sandra Bullock won too! She is adorable. The Hangover was easily the funniest film of 2009, maybe 2008 and 2007 too… we laughed so hard that we decided to go to Vegas for the weekend after watching the movie and then saw it again in theaters. Now I own it on Blu-Ray (thanks Mom for the unrated version).

Dinner thoughts for the week: Ground turkey breast enchiladas, Thai red tofu curry (note: tracking down coconut milk is not easy in FL), spaghetti squash with plum tomatoes and feta, homemade pizza with pineapple and jalapeno… we shall see.


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