The First Real Weekend in Coconut Grove!

This weekend felt more like a weekend. Friday we decided to stay in for the night, eat tamales, and play Super Mario. Nothing too fancy, but another enjoyable date night! We finally beat the first level, and hopefully I get better at the game overall because I am horrible! My nephew, who is 6, beat the first four levels alone and right away. One day, maybe I will be as good as him at Super Mario.

Saturday, it was raining and cold again. We even used the heat! We hung out, organized more, and enjoyed our time in together. We drove to the gym that day because there was no way we were walking in the cold rain! That night, we had plans to meet up with my awesome old roommate, Krista, and her boyfriend, Bryan, and go to dinner at Chicago’s Steakhouse in the Grove. For the night, they were offering $20 for unlimited deep dish pizza, house wine, and beer.  The pizza wasn’t fabulous, but the wine was coming, the Cowboys game was on, and the company was fun! We really enjoyed our night with them and it didn’t hurt that the Cowboys won.

Sunday, it was off to Dadeland Mall, Dadeland Station, and The Container Store. We found our necessary Container Store purchases, then went to the mall to wander around and explore it. It was huge and crowded, probably due to the unfortunate weather. After that, it was another return to Target (twice in 8 days, eek!) to check off another list we made on items we need. Afterwards, we tried to go to sushi in the Grove, but things were dead! Tons of restaurants were closed and people weren’t really walking around much at all, I think due to the fact that it was just way too cold for people to walk around in our area.

Back to the job hunt…


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